Spawn animation

Hi ue4 developers!

I have some problems with the spawning system.

Let me explain you. I host a session and another user is connecting to that session. So… I become the admin or the server and he is the client. There is one problem… When he hits ready and… Well… Everybody is ready I, the admin, start the game. When I press start the game, the lobby widget disappear and appear the spawn widget. There are multiple choices (types of soldiers… Like infantry, sniper, tanker… Etc). But… When I hit that button I want to spawn the character and play that Bf1 type of animation… (the camera is on the sky and then it arrives to the camera position of the character or pawn… So, here are the questions:

  1. How can I spawn that character… I mean that how to tell the server to spawn and posses that character… (there is spawn and posses but… Hmm… It doesn’t work with the clients…) what entity should be spawn first when arriving on the map? (arrive on the map - > create the lobby widget - > spawn widget and then play)

  2. For the camera blend ( set new target with blend or something like that) do I need a plugin?