Spawn and Attach Structure onto Platform Saddle

Hello People

I really could need your help with this! :o:D

The Goal is to spawn a unknown number of structures onto a Saddle Platform.
If i use the “BPnetSpawn Actor at Location”, the structure seems properly attached to the Platform and moves well with it.

BUT: There is no reference return of the spawned structure on that node… and the scaling is off. the structure is way too big…
Well i could see some workarounds for that, but REALLY hope it’s not necessary to do so!

I just can’t get it to attach and move with the platform if i use the more common “Spawn Actor from Class” Node. I tried 4 different “Attach To” Nodes with all kinds of references. nothing seems to work.
I also add the structure to the “Saddle Structures” Array, but that doesn’t seem to do anything…
Altough it looks VERY promising as you can define all you need in it: Relative Location / Relative Rotation / Bone Name / And The Structure itself.

Maybe there is some kind of BP or Structure Update i need to run after Attachment.
Or do i need to set something on the Spawned Structure like move with parent animation or so?
As the “BPNet Spawn Actor at Location” Node needs the Game Mode as input i guess i need to incorporate the game mode too. but how? where? with what?
After many, many hours of trying a lot of things I ran out of ideas and wisdom.

Please help!

I’m almost done with my latest mod and if i can get that to work too, it could get pretty amazing.