Spawn an actor only on the client?

Is it possible for a client to spawn an actor in their world and have it be local only to them without being replicated?

This would be useful for things like Gibs, or Actors that maintain local game state specific to that client, for example. I was trying to look at how Gibs work in the UT source code, but I don’t see any evidence of them spawning on client only.

If you spawn a actor and you are running a mp game.
If the Actor is spawned on the local client and not the server it will only excist on the local client.

Adding to the above, you should spawn them on the server but their behaviour will be determined by the client if they’re not gameplay relevant

Ah that’s good to hear.

There are times when you’d only want an actor on the client and never even managed by the server. Shell casings, for example. Or, something even more complicated like in my case, a random level generator manager.