Spawn Ai from class

Hi guys, so im currently trying to create a spawner. The idea is simple, when the player collides with a trigger box the enemies start spawning. So this works but the problem is it only spawns one enemy. Ive tried various methods like using a while loop,for loop and even a timeline but it just doesnt seem to work. With the while and for loop it just spawns the enemy one time and with the timeline well it spawns the enemy a weird amount of times, i set up 9 nodes but it was spawning 5 times which is kinda weird.

This is the For loop example.

Here is the timeline example which spawns 5 enemies even though ive set up 9 nodes. Ive also tried changing the length but same happens.

Any ideas why this isnt working would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello sir, try to use a Timer, TimerByEvent, it is better to control the spawning flow, if you haven’t found the solution, please tell me so I can send you a picture :wink:

personally i wouldnt try to use a timeline that just seems odd and i dont think it would work very well. have you gone through and debugs where the failure is? i mean go through node by node and insert a print string to ensure that they are all being fired. theres nothing at the spawn location that is blocking them, or the spawn isnt below the ground level. also make sure that the settings on things are such that they are set to always spawn no matter is they have collision or overlap issues. also of concern is the cast your using and the location to spawn as you never defined what those were.

i noticed about halfway through this answer how old this is so im guessing that this has already been solved.