Spawn Actors inside volume

Hey all Im trying to get make an actor, lets call it “Box Spawner”, to spawn a random amount of actors inside of its designated bounds without overlapping. I tried creating an actor with a box collision thinking that could be used to designate how big the spawn volume would be but that doesn’t seem to be the answer. I am also pretty new to blueprints so I may be on the right track but not know where to go from here.

There is actually a tutorial by Epic Games on how to do just that, here is the link:

Thanks Jamendxman!!! I was actually thinking of going thru your zombie tutorial series while I waited for an answer for this thread haha still going thru it after this video thanks!!

Glad to be of help!

Is it possible to run a loop a certain amount of times? I want it to spawn multiple boxes randomly on begin play so what I tried doing was do a forEachLoop before my spawn bricks function and then input an integer variable as the array but that didn’t work.

Nevermind got it to fire multiple times with a WhileLoop