Spawn Actors in Random Locations near Player

Hello I’m a beginner with Unreal Engine, currently taking a class in it.
However the prof doesn’t provide anywhere close to enough info to do labs, so I end up Googling everything. The problem is most of the things I see online are beyond complex compared to what I know, and I don’t understand most of the things in the blueprints.

I am trying to spawn a HealthPack randomly in the map, later I would spawn several Actors on timers instead on in a loop like the Blueprints I have attached.

Issue: For some reason the HealthPacks spawn directly on my character (I think) and never appear in the game. If I remove “Destroy Actor” from the 2nd Blueprint then even though the HealthPacks (somehow) heal me 10x right at game start like before, but the 10 HealthPacks now appear in random locations in the map.

What am I doing wrong? How should I make it so that I don’t get healed right at Play, and have the HealthPacks show up and get destroyed on touch?

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Wow I can’t believe I spent well over 8hrs for something that simple… Thank you!

I think the problem is in your Overlap event. Try connecting the cast to the “other actor”.

If it doesn’t work, feel free to let me know, but that should solve it

No problem! Glad I could help :slight_smile: