Spawn actor

I’m trying to use this spawn actor method specifically

When they ask for u class what in the world do they want?.

AActor * SpawnActor
UClass * Class,
FTransform const * Transform,
const FActorSpawnParameters & SpawnParameters

The UClass* parameter is a pointer to the type of object you want to spawn.

If you want to an actor that only exists in C++ you can use the following

SpawnActor<AYourActorClass>(AYourActorClass::StaticClass(), ...);

However if you wanted to spawn an actor that is a blueprint based off of your C++ class you will need to use


instead of


I have found the best practice to be creating a member variable of TSubclassOf<AYourActorClass> type and exposing that variable to blueprints within the UPROPERTY() macro.
You can then set that variable to reference your created blueprint.

Hopefully that clears things up.