Spawn Actor Transform vs. Set Actor Transform

I am trying to set up a projectile pool and have noticed that setting the actor transform of a projectile actor doesn’t behave the same way as when you use the Spawn Actor and feed it a transform. The Spawn Actor node will launch the projectile in the direction I anticipate, but the Set Actor Transform has wildly different results, even though they are both utilizing the same logic to get an input transform.

Can someone help me understand what I’m missing, please?

I don’t use projectiles or pools, or know much about your allocation method, but…

I wonder if somehow you are changing tick group:

Obviously normal projectiles will be in the physics group, but with your other method, maybe you’re setting the transform to late. You could make that code pre-physics and check it out…

Thanks for the response! Resetting the Tick Group during my Enable Projectile function helped to solve another issue I was having.
In regards to initial problem, I discovered that resetting simulate physics on the collision component was causing the unwanted behavior I was experiencing.