Spawn Actor only one serves

Hello! I’m creating dynamic maps, using random numbers to attach for example, trees. The tree has blueprint script, but I have a problem. For example, if I add 10 trees I can only interact with the first tree, the other 9 are only meshes and actions are not executed. The multiplied mesh has a Box Colision to detect if the player is in zone, in all meshes detects that the player is in zone or not, this works but I have to execute an action when the player is in zone. I make this using a boolean variable called “IsZoneActive?” - CuttingTree_BP

This is working fine, what doesn’t work fine and only I can execute in one mesh (the first mesh created) is the entire bp, I want to know if the problems are in BeginPlay - CuttingTree_BP:

Or when I create the mesh (this really works perfectly but I don’t know if I’m missing something to make the BP script works on all meshes) - Level BP:

Anyone knows why this is happening? Thanks!