Spawn actor local only, attach to each player

So, I’m trying to spawn an actor by class through the player character class on event begin play. The actor spawns as I expected it to, but it’s replicated to all other clients. I just want the actor to spawn for the local client only and not replicated through the server.

I’ve tried using custom events and playing around with all the replication options, and also tried using Has Authority and setting it to remote. Is it just not possible through the Character Class? If not what class can I do this through?

I’m testing this with 2 clients on dedicated server in the editor.

It’s possible through any actor class, being that it’s remote and doesn’t require replication. If you call Spawn Actor from Switch Has Authority → Remote, then naturally it will only spawn where there is a remote connection and not an authoritative connection.

It’s not replicating, you just don’t understand what’s happening; Remote could be the local player OR the simulated players. So by using ‘remote’ you’re locally spawning one for every player.

If you want local player only and not simulated players then use IsLocallyControlled; this will do the local player only. Remember, remote is not the same thing as local.

Ok, I understand now. Thank you for the explanation and help.

I also couldn’t figure out how to make sure that the created pawns were not replicated in multiplayer, disabling replication did not help if auto-posses ai was on spawn, as a result, by going through different options, I found a way to perform an additional replication disable after spawn pawns.