Spawn actor isn't working?

One of my enemies is supposed to spawn a mini clone of itself once dead but the clone is not appearing or being spawned.

One second after being destroyed it’s probably no longer around and therefore unable to do much of anything at all.

  1. Try it without the delay
  2. If that works (check the return value from the spawn function) you might want to use a different approach. Rather than having someone else destroy the enemy instance, instead make an additional function that initially just hides/disables the original, then waits a second, and then destroys itself after having spawned the mini clone.

removing the delay semi fixed it. Now when i kill the enemy it spawns but then closes due to an infinite loop error.

I don’t really see what is causing that :confused:

EDIT: the new BP -

Ah, well you can figure that out since you have the full picture (I don’t).

What causes the destruction of one of those guys? Is the mini clone you spawn of the same type as the actor that runs the script above? Does it collide with the original? Did you try hiding and disabling the original’s collision before spawning the mini?

it likely does collide - but its a different BP (same parent though), destruction is caused by damage from player, and haven’t tried the last yet no

Changing the master BP fixed it. Thank you VERY much to