Spawn Actor from selection prevents possession of spawned pawn

top part of image show that when spawning a pawn, with nothing plugged into class pin, newly spawned pawn can be immediately possessed.

However when something is plugged into class pin, Return Value is no longer compatible with In Pawn, so cannot be possessed, despite fact that class being spawned is exactly same.

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P.S I should also add that this is not exclusive to Select node, but also occurred when attempting to ‘Get’ from an Array and will probably (but not tested) occur with anything plugged into Class pin.


Thanks for report! I was able to reproduce this in 4.8.0 and our main internal build, and it’s definitely different than it was in 4.7.6 (in which this setup worked). I have entered a bug report for issue (UE-17320), though I’m not certain if this was an intentional change. If this is intended behavior, I’ll try to find out what new workflow would be for this scenario. Otherwise, I’ll post here when I see any update on report. Thanks again!

Thanks for looking into this!

Bump: This is still an issue in 4.11


This issue is still under investigation by our developers. I will update report with information that it is still occurring in 4.11. Thank you for information.

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Is there any update on this? On 4.16 and this still persists :frowning:

Hey Wongie,

You can use following link to track issue’s status, but it is still unresolved as of right now.

You need to set your référence class on thirdpersoncharacter