Spawn Actor from class not firing correct times in for loop

On the little snippet below i have a for loop that is supposed to spawn actors with random z each 100 units further from each other in the x axis.

However, even though my for loop is firing 8 times(i am getting all the print statements), spawnActor is only spawning 3 or 4 or sometimes 5 instances.

To sort it out i thought it might be because maybe spawnActor is taking long and it needs a delay at the end so i did the second image below:

To my suprise neither are working correctly and im getting incorrect number of instances spawned on my level. There are no other actors on my level that they might be colliding with(even though they are set to always spawn), and their size is less than 100 so they can’t collide with each other either.

Any help to enlighten my mistake or giving an alternate approach to the subject is appreciated. Thank you.