Spawn actor from class actor invisible

So when i use the “spawn actor from class” node it spawns my actor but the actor is invisible. i have no idea what could this is or is it just a bug. Any help appreciated

i don’t think i’t the arrays because i tried it like this

and still nothing.

i would like to add that it doesn’t have any collision either

Have you tried spawning it to a known location, such as in front of the player? May have something to do with your target points.
If you drag the actor into the world does it look fine?

There’s three things that could be causing this :

1 - The actor doesn’t actually spawn,Check the Output Log to see if there’s any warning about that (Window->Developer Tools->Output Log)

2 - The Actor you’re trying to spawn has Static meshes and stuff set to NULL (means you’ve not selected any static mesh in the Actor BP)

3 - The Actor you’re trying to spawn is set to be “Hidden In Game”

Also,try to press on “Simulate”(From the play button) and see where’s the actor or if it’s there


this is when i have it simulating. That should be the asset that is spawned from blueprints

this happended when i clicked “actor hidden in game” in the details panel 2 times (turned it on then off). on the left you can see my blueprint simply draged in to the game.

I checked the output log and it did give me an error, but how do i fix it ?

it’s a bp only project, but i’ll try those options

okay so rebasing didn’t help and the no class specified error apears even when i delete the level everything from blueprints. i’ll try making a nes project and then see maybe it will work

Does the output log always give that error?

Anyways try those two:

Delete the “Spawn Actor From Class” node and re-create it

if that won’t help try rebasing your Mushroom_BP(Class Settings->Parent Class and change it to something like character,then try again Actor)

Is this a C++ or a BP Only project?

Seems like it was corrupt,are you running UE 4.12?

i narrowed down my problem to my actor blueprint because it doesn’t spawn it while it spawns other actor like i made a blueprint for the default cube and it spawns just fine. i just had to make sure my blueprint an actor collision setting were the same. i don’t have collision on my model so it’s not a problem but for someone else it might be

Sometimes for odd bugs I restart (properly) the engine and it works again (it may broke some links too)