Spawn Actor from Blueprints

Here is the tutorial I’ve been attempting.
Blueprint QuickShot 4 Spawning Physics Actors

I’ve been searching and redoing this tutorial for quite a few times I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I only get Spawn Actor from Class and not Spawn Actor from Blueprints.

These are the steps I took:

Select Mesh > Rt Click Create Blueprint
Components > Physics > Simulate Physics (check box)
All Classes > Target Point
Input > Key Events (Must Have Target Point Selected)
rt click > Spawn Actor from Blueprints

I think that video is just a bit out of date. Just use Spawn Actor from Class. Your Blueprint should show up in the dropdown of things to spawn.

Thanks, I saw in another thread that there was a bug related to the old version.

Which bug are you having a problem with?

The one I am aware of has to do with the default controller not being spawned, the workaround is to do it via a node right after it’s spawned.