Spawn actor during animation then detach

Hey Guys,

Stuck on a small animation issue, my character has a “throw grenade” animation that is triggered when the player presses G.
im struggling on being able to spawn the grenade at a certain point in that animation and then for it to be thrown at a different point.

Ive set up two anim notifys as that was my first thoughts on tackling the issue. (pictures below)

Ive got a custom function that will spawn the grenade in the hand, this custom function is called when the “SpawnGrenade” anim notify is hit:

The part im stuck on is how to detach it from the actor and “throw” it.

Would i do this through the character_bp or through the anim_bp?
How would i access the anim notifies in the character_bp?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks :smiley: