Spawn actor( dropbag ) from server to only one client

I have a mob on the map when I touch it, an actor spawns representing a drop ( dropbag )
but I can’t make this drop happen on the client side and on a specific client
for example: with 3 clients, if I touch the mob with only one client, the drop happens with everyone and not just with the client that touched the mob

are all clients remote? yes and you are making it spawn on (all remote) with switch has authority so all 3 clients will spawn. you should filter by maybe a specific player controller.

i have all my clients/server player controllers numbered ex: server pc0 client1 pc1 client2 pc2, so when i get a player controller i know which client/server im dealing with.

Do the spawn on the server (authority) and set the owner to something the owner owns like a character or controller. Mark the “Drop” Actor as “Only Relevant to owner”.

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