Spawn Actor depending on FPS view

Hi, does anyone know how to make an actor which contains a couple of splines and meshes spawn in the direction the player/camera is facing?

Right now I have it set up where once player collects 3 objects it will spawn a spline and mesh and animate along that spline. The problem is the spline actor only spawns and animates along the positive x axis and I want it to spawn depending on where the player was facing at the point. Below is my BP of myCharacter that spawns my spline actor. The highlighted nodes are what I’m having trouble with.

Hey everyone I figured it out! Turns out I was adding too much into myCharacter BP. Instead SET the rotation of spline based on PlayerCharacter inside the construction script of the spline BP and then spawned my spline actor at myCharacter’s Actor Location. Here are the pics of the solution in case anyone has the same problem. Cheers