Spawn actor based on previous actor location

I am trying to make an egg spawn a duck. When the spawn occurs and the egg actor is destroyed, the duck spawns in a set location under the world every time.

I have tried using different values for the location using “get actor location” and setting specific values, but each time the duck spawns in the same place (X: 200.0 Y: -910.0 Z: 350.0)

I am trying to get the duck to spawn at the egg’s location.

Unfortunately that didn’t fix it. I set it there, as well as in the duck spawning defaults.

Hey General Mustache,

One thing you can try is setting it to “Always Spawn, Ignore Collisions”


You need to spawn at the location of the egg. It makes sense to let the egg spawn the duck and then destroy itself.

In the meantime, you could use:

Fixed this issue by creating a new actor for the duck. For some reason it didn’t have a location transform at all, so it was assigning it that one on spawn.

Starting with a fresh actor worked (even though it is set up the same, just now has a location transform).