spawn actor at world location based on socket being deformed by 2d aim offset

I’m trying to spawn an actor at a world location based on a socket (i’ve also tried an actor component world location and get similar results). The socket is being offset with a 2d aim offset in the animation blueprint. I’m trying to get the position on the client side for the other players to see (not controlling player). I’m setting a vector in the character blueprint so i can check “isLocallyControlled”. I have the skeletal mesh of the weapon replicated (doesn’t seem to make a difference). I’ve tried multiple nodes and node combinations for socket location and world transform. Some screenshots -
img 1 is where the vector is created set
img 2 is where i spawn the cube on the server
img 3 is where the socket is on the weapon
img 4 is where the test obeject is spawned in the world (at characters feet not on tip of weapon)

any help greatly appreciated. thank you.