Spawn Actor Array

So I am not sure if this exists, or something that could be added one day down the road. But I am all about clean looking structure of my blueprints and what I am looking for is a way to spawn an array of actors using a single node.

As of right now Spawn Actor will only spawn a single object, so if I want to spawn more objects I then have to daisy chain more Spawn Actor nodes which for the sake of argument isn’t very clean. So my question is… Is there a node for spawn actor that will take an array? or a way to form an array of objects that spawn actor will spawn without needing multiple spawn actor nodes?

Currently I have a struct that I break and form into an array that works like a spawn list, and will randomly choose which items to spawn, but it will only spawn a single actor obviously. Of course I could suck it up and just have multiple spawn actor nodes, but any time I decide the spawner should have more items to spawn I would have to make a child blueprint and adjust it to such which seems a little overkill if I decide the spawn should have 1-2 more items spawned from it.

Put all your actors in an array. Feed that into a ForEach loop. Feed the return value into your spawn actor node.

Hmph. Thank you, I dunno why I didn’t think of that. I will give it a try when I get home :slight_smile:

On a side note, I guess this can be moved from Feedback for Epic to Blueprints :stuck_out_tongue: