Spawn actor and follow spline path

Hello Community,

I’m struggling with the “follow the path” topic.
My goal is to create a simple Tower Defense game where the enemies have to follow a predefined path.
I’m able to create (with Blueprint) a spline component with a cube (static mesh) and let the cube follow the spline.
What I’m trying to do now is to spawn an actor and let it follow the spline (no the static cube).

In short:

  • spawn actor (after a amount of time)
  • actor should follow predefined path

Can anyone help me with that or even point me to a step by step documentation?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers Marco

I’ve found the perfect solution for my problem. If you’re interested here is an awesome explanation

This link doesn’t work anymore. Is it possible that you research for that documentation/tutorial?

I want to create a spline which my enemies have to follow, also for a Tower-Defense game.

Would appreciate any help with the information you got there! :slight_smile:

It’s now

I did not expect an answer this fast!

Thank you very much, I will check that link tomorrow. Been trying a lot of stuff already, but none of it worked.

You deserve a medal!

I need that solution too c:
It’s just imposible to found something like this…

This link doesn’t work anymore.