Spawn actor after widget loading screen?

Is there any way to make a actor spawn after widget loading screen, thank you!

For myself, it was as easy as ensuring my Game Mode doesn’t include a Default Pawn Class (just set this to none), and when i’m ready to have the player spawned in, I just use ‘Spawn Actor From Class’ and spawn my character bp. Has been working fine for me so far.

What im basicly trying to make is after the game loading screen, it will spawn a enemy in a location, thats what i’m having trouble with.…nts/index.html

Im not sure how far you want the application to go. but you could just do simple event calls for when the game starts playing either on the level BP or the pawn your spawning.

Event Begin Play -> SpawnActor (LevelBP) or Set Visibilty (PawnBP)


Widget End -> Cast to Pawn BP ->