Spawn a projectile that move sideways

Hi, I’m very new to unreal and blueprints.

I’ve been trying to find an answer to this but so far no success. I’m using an arrow positioned 200 points in front of a tramp trigger box on X to spawn a projectile that I want to move sideways, the catch is I want to use the forward vector of the arrow for the direction of the movement, so if I rotate the arrow the projectile will move on that direction too.


, very basic stuff that I can put together and it’s only for learning purposes.

PD: I also want to send a float variable from the tramp to the projectile so I can define the travel distance from the tramp details if someone can throw me a bone with that I’ll really appreciate it too :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I understood this right, so in any case i’m sorry for not being very useful but you can illustrate or explain this better later. Do you want to shoot a thing left/right from the tip of the arrow??

Your arrow is rotated towards it’s target? Then you can grab the arrow’s rotation and get the RIGHT vector of it, and then idk, give it some multiplication and add it to the location just like you were doing there.

tldr instead of using the forward vector like in that image, use the right vector of the rotation of the arrow.

Sorry if i didn’t get this right

Edit: if you wanna go right, do that thing. If you wanna go left multiply the right vector by -1.