Spawn a DM and destroy the actor

Hello, Unreal!

Today I was trying to set up a mechanism in the level blueprint where when a certain actor hits a box collision, the hit will spawn a destructible mesh version of the cube at the location of the hit, and then destroy the cube.

So as you can see, the trigger box casts to the box blueprint to spawn the destructible mesh actor at the location of the hit, and then destroy the original cube. Right now, the box is passing harmlessly through the laser/box collision without any errors reported. I’ve checked the box’s collision and it is set to physics actor, so… What’s going on?


Best suggestion I have is check the collision settings on both the laser and the cube, make sure they are actually set to block each other (perhaps even try custom). Did you try a PrintString to see if your OnHit event is being called at all? Im going to assume its not if the laser is passing through.

Thank you for your response. Yes, I did try to print string when the box collides. Also I would like to add, the box is colliding with a box collision, not the particle itself. The collision for the box is set to physics actor and the box collision naturally hits any actor that collides with it.

I also found that the box will print a text or string when I set the event to be ActorBeginOverlap instead of OnActorHit

OK! I solved my problem, and no I will not be one of “those” threads, I will tell you how I solved it.

Instead of arranging the blueprint as above, I used this:

Now, this will create the destructable mesh at the center of the trigger box, so I will be creating several trigger boxes so it looks as realistic as possible when spawning the dm. But later on in the final stages I will go back and go through the extensive process of doing it the “correct way”, however that may be.

I will accept this answer as correct, though if you know a more precise way to do this, please comment/contact me.