Spawn a BP Actor on the center of the HUD (First Person View)


I want to put on the center a HUD an item which was seleted on the HUD menu. I want this actor BP move with the camera. It’s for see an item selected on the inventary and move it on the center of the screen. When you click, it show the item, when you click again it hide the item. The item must be placed olways in the good direction. I have a script that place the itel at the good place but it seems to need to add the rotation camera. Note that is a simple character BP (no animation, so no socket). I want to use an arrow to place the item (BP Actor) in front of the camera player.

I have mapped the input of my widget and I can launch a custom event in the BP_Character.

I pass on the Level blueprint with a temporaly variable for that (key mapping) :

On my Widget HUD :

My custom event is Mettre_Arme_1
I have try with an arrow fix on the camera of the BP_Character but it doesn’t seem to work :

An idea ?

I’m beginer like you can see…

Thanks a lot for your help.

Note I want to make a VR project after with this android game. So the problem is the same.