Spawn a Actor at given location(s)?

Hey guys, i made this blueprint to try and randomly spawn the actor at one given target point, but it doesn’t seem to be working, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried node “Spawn Actor from class” instead of teleport?

You have to use the node SpawnActor to create a new actor. Teleport will move your target to a place. So, here, you just move sparkplug, but no spawning is done.

Also, your event won’t be called by the engine, except if you call your function explicitly. When you copy events like BeginPlay, it breaks link with the real BeginPlay event. You should delete the event and create a new one.

Hope it helps.

Sake sure your StaticMesh Mobility is set to “Movable”


Got it working guys! movable mesh and the begin event were the issue! thanks so much, this community is awesome!

Oh yes! This one should be the first thing to check when having this problem on moving things in level.