Spawing actors in construction script

Hey there. For my current project, I would really need to spawn actors in the Construction Script. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Eventhough it’s not possible to do that directly to avoid people crashing their computers, I read here that if the spawing takes place in a function, and that function is called in the construction script, it should work. Well, it doesn’t. Any ideas? Has this been ‘fixed’?

I believe you can copy and paste the SpawnActorFromClass node into the construction script.

A nice trick is to just spawn a ChildActorComponent - that works in construction script :slight_smile:

Yes, but construction script when forced to spawn another actors behaves strange. For eg. sometimes it spawns actors sometimes it does not, random streams always return 0, and some more minor things can happen.

And it is a shame that construction script cannot be used to generate procedural worlds, it can only place single actors from editor.

Nope, the node can’t be copy-pasted

I haven’t managed to get it spawing anything, not even sometimes D:

The problem with ChildActor is that I can’t later select it independently or move it in the editor

Any more possible solutions?

Using Blutility you can probably do something without even having to press the Play button.