SpatialOS is now free to use (to some degree)

You can sign up here:

I’m super excited about it.
For those who don’t know SptialOS is distributed operating system.
It is designed to abstract away things, like running each AI pawn as separate worker tasks, and let them seamlessly interact with eachother without user worring about things like low level messasing, load balancing or hand overs (from one machine to the other, SpatialOS, makes entire cluster look like single machine).

I’m going to play aroud it and see how it can be integrated into Unreal. It’s probabaly best option for all people who wonder how to create big multiplayer games in Unreal.

I saw this. Really cool :smiley:

Would love to see more Unreal developers try out this technology, it would ultimately lead to an expansion of their Unreal support.

Very cool indeed <3!

Is this basically a new distrinbution system for games*? **? **? *

No. From reading the website, SpatialOS is a server-based operating system that is highly tied into the game engine (at this time, unity) so there is little to no overhead costs. Since it’s designed for specifically game engine use, it’s alot more efficient. Basically, if you’re building a multiplayer game / mmorpg, instead of running Linux or Windows Server 2016, you may want to look into this.

Been fooling around with it for the last few days now; it’s pretty nice.

Any word on when this will support UE4?

At this point it’s in Beta, according to their website… yes, I’m a little late to the game! However, I’m still pretty stoked about what this could mean!

I looked at this a year ago and still follow along in the unofficial Discord. The Unreal SDK (meaning blueprints) isn’t ready for production and likely won’t be for some time. If you want to use the C++ SDK (meaning write all the server code), it’s ready to go today.

It’s a MMO layer with a lot of marketing on top ^^
The only bad thing about it is you can’t use Unreal’s built-in multiplayer functions, the actual dedicated server way of making multiplayer in UE4.

I’ve got a real noob question here for anyone that cares to entertain a fool. How would you go about developing with this in your pipeline? Would this be something that you would have to implement from the get go, or is it something that you could develop your game normally within UE4 and then plug into Spatialos? Sorry if it’s obvious, but I’m not a programmer.

You have to start with SpatialOS and write your own server code with their system. You have to write everything that has to be replicated. The few people who are working with it in the Spatial Discord haven’t made any real progress in the year plus that I have been following this.

In my view, you are actually writing your game in SpatialOS and UE4 only provides a graphical front end for the Client. The game creation power that vanilla UE4 provides is absolutely not available in SpatialOS.

At this point, I have serious doubts that SpatialOS will ever be production ready for UE4.

Well that’s disheartening. I was really looking forward to this. I guess I’ll just make what progress I can and hope for the best.

I really hope they release this as a free project: