Spatialization is not working

So i have encountered a bit of a problem, i’m trying to make a sound come out of a radio static mesh i have and the sound works when press the button to start playing it but its playing in both my ears really loud no matter where i am in the level i have Spatialization ready to go and a ambient sound in the level like it the example projects but if there is a blueprint to that i’m missing well i can’t seem to find it anywhere so help will be greatly appreciated.

So I reinstalled Unreal Engine and still no change like i said before any help will be greatly appreciated.

Solved!!! feel really dumb, didn’t even check in audacity if i was recording in stereo or mono Lol

Thanks a lot!!! I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out,absolutely driven me around the bend! wasn’t even thinking that my stereo sources were the problem. If you think about it, sound sources aren’t actually ever stereo… this concept is for playing music through two speakers, not hearing a sound from a set point.

This should be marked as resolved.