SPARTAN - A Legendary Action Platformer Powered By Paper2D

Sinister Cyclops Game Studios proudly presents its work in progress : Spartan !

Spartan is an epic 2D platformer that offers old school, tough as nails gameplay and pixel perfect controls, but utilizes Unreal’s power to provide silky smooth animations, eye popping visuals and solid 60fps 1080p performance for PS4, XB1 and Steam.

Help King Leo fight his way towards redemption, starting from his home town Sparta, in a suicidal attempt to reclaim the stolen artifacts that brought shame to his people. Hazards, traps, and all the mythical creatures right out of Homers books, will try to prevent you from succeeding.

Armed only with his trusty Shield and Sword he needs YOU in order to overcome all the dangers in this deadly adventure!

Looks amazing man, Nice work!

Thank you! Really appreciate your kind words. It gives us motivation to work even harder!

It’s a beautifull game.
Some tech blog about how you made it in UE4 could be usefull.Do you have resolved the frame rate issue when packaging ?

Thanks! Will try but i cannot guarantee anything since we are only 2 people developing the game and to say that we have limited time in our hands for anything else than actually developing the game would be an understatement.

Yes i have. It appears that shrink wrapped collisions were corrupt after an update from Noland and it caused PhysX to choke my CPU. Now i am left with random CPU stalls that i have no clue what is causing them. If you would like to help or follow the progress on that topic i have asked for help from in the paper2D thread.

I am not going to lie. It is not easy working with an experimental plugin and having no peers that have done this before to seek help, but that being said it fills me with great honor to be able to break the barriers and lead the way in this exciting new ride.Thankfully the ‘big boys’ in here haven’t left me hanging and that comforting.

We updated our post with some awesome samples of our original soundtrack! We believe that audio plays an essential role in every video game and we try really hard to create quality music that people will enjoy and would want to listen over and over again!

Well done, looks very polished!

Is this fixed now ?

Castelvanias 2D are a great exemple :slight_smile:

Thank you! We try to clean and scrub it daily until it is immaculate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you talking about the performance issues or the CPU Stalls? After i re made all the shrink wrapped collisions the performance issues went away. About the CPU stalls i am still waiting for an answer and unfortunately they are still there.

Indeed! Awesome soundtrack! We will try to top it, but we are a few hundred thousand dollars short off their budget! But you never know… lol

I’ll be honest, my favourite part is Leo’s facial expression!

I’ll be honest, my favourite part is Leo’s facial expression!

Thanks! He is past his prime,he is a bit chubby (but still very strong!) and he has to go save the day for the millionth time in his lifetime. No wonder he is angry!

We always wanted our characters to have strong personality’s so we put extra care in trying to portrait this through subtle but noticeable details in the animation process. His helmet is bouncing up and down following gravity as he runs. You can see his chest fill up with air when he inhales and all sorts of other small but awesome details that unfortunately cannot been witnessed here, because of video compression and the nature of static images.

I thought we wouldn’t get 2D skeletal animation for another 6 months, and that we could only use sprite sheets? How did you animate these things? Did you attach each body part to a flat rectangle or something and make a puppet out of that, or what?

I thought we wouldn’t get 2D skeletal animation for another 6 months, and that we could only use sprite sheets? How did you animate these things? Did you attach each body part to a flat rectangle or something and make a puppet out of that, or what?

Every skeletal animation software supports png export. So you can create your buttery smooth animations in Spriter for example and then export the amount of png’s per second you want. The problem with this method is that you end up with hundreds if not thousands of sprites meaning increased file sizes and the animations do not look as smooth as realtime tweening in engine. And maybe memory issues especially with mobile.

Voted! The game looks like a solid little platformer! Good luck on greenlight.

Thank you so much! Good luck with your game as well! It looks super interesting.

Sinister Cyclops is happy to announce that it is now using Creature / as the software to create all of its animations!

Creature is very powerful, yet easy to work with, and that helps a small team like us to speed up the whole process of creating any type of animation. It is the ideal software for anyone interested in creating buttery smooth animations without the limitations and overhead that flipbooks produce.
And the most awesome part is that it has Unreal Engine export capabilities!

Kestrel Moon worked really hard on supporting Unreal, and with our feedback and testing in actual projects we can confidently say that the guys over Creature did a great job.
They deserve all the support they can get from the community for creating such an awesome tool!

This is a small sample of our upcoming Cyclops Boss fight created entirely in Creature.


Spartan is Greenlit!

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts everyone that supported us and made this happen!
We would also like to give out a BIG thank you to our new family, EPIC!
You guys are awesome, have supported us in any way possible and we promise that we will do anything in our power to make you proud with our games.

And last but not least a SPECIAL thank you to ! Without you and Paper2D nothing would have been possible.

We are currently working on new content and a huge boss battle.
We will continue to update this thread with brand new information and media as we push forward with development.


Congrats on getting Greenlit! Looking forward to the Creature Animations in UE4 for the final game :slight_smile:

  • Kestrel Moon Studios

We believe that people will be positively surprised with how buttery smooth Creature animations run inside Unreal.