Sparse Voxel DAG back end

A voxel DAG back end would be superb if you guys are willing to take a look rather than just BSP. Would also fit into another rendering engine project I’ve been working on with real-time pathtracing/Raytracing. And the ability to integrate and replace lightmass and the main bake tool would be progressive.

Sounds pretty great to me :slight_smile:

Was it really necessary to pull up a thread that’s over one year old just to say that?


Yes it was… We need a unified and properly integrated dynamic GI solution now.

Just reimplement some of that XBox - liquifying SVOGI or SSDO or something, please!!! Epic games!

We love you but it hurts guys! As much as I care about PHaT getting streamlined (nice oxymoron + pun there huh?), all I want for Christmas is dynamic GI!!!

Or just patch up LPV sufficiently, IDK.

DFGI is a tad weird… Maybe fix that instead?

I don’t know guys, just move it out of the backlog and into the January goals, please!!!


We need some dynamic GI solution, at least something precomputed like Enlighten.
I feel like the topic of lighting isn’t getting enough attention from Epic, everytime I look at the roadmap it’s on backlog again and again…
I mean I really like that they’re working on cutting edge stuff related to VR and Animations, but Lighting is one of the keys to cutting edge visuals that Unreal is known for.

[MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

Thanks for the feedback here! Hearing more people in the community give their opinions on the lighting features helps us a lot with understanding your needs. Keep the details coming if you have any other specifics.

I would be happy with something like Enlighten.

I would be happy with the same technology as CryEngine, SVOGI, no baking and great visuals.

Thanks for your answer [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]! Im happy to see your interest in this.
Is there any information from the lighting team that you could share? Something they want to attack or have in mind in the topic of dynamic GI.
Over the last year it was very frustrating because we got no information if and when some dynamic GI is coming at all.

As it was mentioned, some kind of rough, long term roadmap for lighting/gi would be great to have.
Currently it’s not clear if Distance Field tech is meant to stay and is (still) expected to be used for some form of GI, or if it’s more of a tech that was useful for Fortnight and it won’t be the future of realtime lighting/gi in UE.
Also if GI (based on DF or any other tech) is too far in future, maybe some intermediate “fake” solution would be something people would be interested in (e.g. difuse/specular lighting with probes/cube maps + some semi procedural probe placement).