It is going out of hand right now. First page of answer hub is entirely covered in spam.

One solution would be to make forums and answer hub accessible to post, only for people who have Subscription.
There also should be just special section which non-subscribers can post, but which can be hide from showing on main page.

Double this! Kinda ****** off about all this “babaji” posts

Yeah, those spam threads are really annoying! In the forum we have the same problem, but in here we can easily delete and ban them which isn’t possible (for moderators) in answerhub :frowning:

Why can people that don’t have an active subscription make a post in the answerhub?

Because otherwise they wont get support (even though they are still using the engine):slight_smile:

Err, blah, I mean’t people that never had an active subscription. If they never paid, they don’t have the engine or pirated it and don’t need technical support.

captcha should work :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

We are very aware of the Spam issue that has been present on the forums and on AnswerHub. We are diligently working for a resolution that can be easily integrated into the forums. Please bare with us for the moment while this is being researched and tested.

Thank you!


These are not exactly bots in your classic definition. Problem is, this spam is done by men.

check the new ones. I don’t think this amount of spam is done by men. Impossible!

You would be suprised :wink: