Spam on Answerhub


Recently there is a lot of spam on the anserhub, the staff is deleting it but it doesn’t really help if the exploit is not found which allows bots to post it.

I suggest for the time being that if you want to ask something you have to fill in a captcha, I also suggest that a hidden textbox is added and if it is filled in, the question gets denied due to it probably being from a bot.


Answerhub hosted by 3rd party so any changes there would take years.

What do you mean? Hosted by a third party? Do you mean that they use third party software? If so, that should not be too hard to change if they didn’t encrypt it.

As i understand, epic outsource answerhub, so if feature not build into the site engine, it would take a lot longer to get in.

I think it should be quite easy to change, lets wait for a staff member to reply.

It doesn’t take years to get solutions to actual problems. Service providers want to keep their customers, and also know that spam is a problem.

“Hosted by a third party” means that Epic pays some other company money to own both the servers and software of the system, and EPIC just “skins” it to make it look like they want, implements SSO to make sure our forum logins work there, and get access to an “admin” interface to manage the content. This is actually pretty common in all kinds of businesses (forums, customer support, surveys, sales, even web stores!)

The issue was broad up year ago.

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. We have been considering options to help fight the spam, but haven’t moved forward on that yet. Answerhub is maintained by a 3rd party who we closely work with to drive improvements, but there is a development cycle and other work scheduled ahead which prevents immediate turnaround.


It is pretty easy to make a quick fix for it, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to do so.

I am telling you this as a web developer with more than 8 years experience.

There is some more spam on the forum… Like male enhancement in the Linux section.

Is there a ‘Report’ answer button on the answerhub? If not, could you add one if possible. Might help take it down faster.

There is report and you even get it in your profile actions log.

Thank you! :smiley:

Just add “nofollow” tag to all links on answerhub, that’ll reduce the spam as it’s mainly used to suck up page-ranking from the site.

I think you just only Nofollow on the answerhub.

guys, its a shame.