Spam on Answer Hub? Is there a report function?

So I was browsing AnswerHub when I noticed one of the questions had rows upon rows of comments that seem to be advertising some tech support for… HP printers? And Yahoo messenger?
Just random stuff.

All of this is completely unrelated to the question, of course.
There was at least one legitimate answer, but mostly just a sea of these.

Thing is, I can’t find a way to report these messages as spam or anything. In fact, interaction with other people’s posts is quite limited, you can only comment on them and rate up or down.
Am I missing some button or is there really no “report for…” function on the whole site? I feel like it’s needed.

@VictorLerp ^^ This ^^

Thanks for letting us know!

If your account has more than 15 reputation points, you can click “more” and pick the “report” option. That gets sent to the appropriate team for action :slight_smile:

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This only works on questions and answers. There’s no way to report comments as spam, as far as I can see.