SpaceWays Demo now available!

Hey guys!

First time releasing a project to the internet community but here it is!

SpaceWays is a first person crew simulator resource management, student led project powered by the Unreal Engine. Take on the role of a pilot working for the space exploration company SpaceWays and set off on missions to newly discovered planets in space, excavate for resources and return home in one piece!

Being a pilot for SpaceWays is no easy task as you will need to operate and maintain your spaceship, the Blue Wasp. This includes maintaining your ships integrity and managing your fuel supply, You will also come up against the dangers that space presents such as solar flare events and meteor impacts.

SpaceWays is in beta and has now established its online presence as of this past week as we launch a one mission demo over at Indie DB. Check it out at the link below!

If you guys could download it and give us feedback, weather you loved it or hated it that’d be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:
Matt (project manager and lead programmer)