Spaceship with Interior

Key Features

  • Made with all Blueprints
  • Physics based 6-DoF movement system with VTOL and Spaceflight modes
  • Physics based landing gear using constraints
  • Supports Mouse-flight using Keyboard and Mouse inputs
  • Supports Gamepad input
  • Animated landing gear deployment and stowage
  • Animated entrances and doors
  • Animations for UE4 Skeleton for entering/exiting seats and flying ship
  • Modifications to default UE4 First Person and Third Person characters for using the ship

This is super interesting! I am spreading a word about this now :slight_smile: And will be following.

Hello. Did this get any progress, please? Thank you.

Hello and apologies for the delays, it seems I wasn’t subbed to this post by default.

It is still in progress, but very slowly due to other unrelated things that shall not be mentioned (lol). I’ve been working on fixing some shading issues on the hull of the ship that are related to using face-weighted vertex shading.

Thank you,

Well I still believe in this asset :wink: