Spaceship Landing and Takeoff

I already have the functions of my starfighter, the only thing missing is a way for me to Land and take off.
I already blueprinted my ship coming to a full stop when I press the landing button, how do I set the rotation to match the floor in a smooth transition from my current one, and how Do I make it get close to the ground and stop when It lands?

I’m guessing the takeoff Is Easier… Only try with the Landing please.

Have you played battlefront 2005? … yeah… that’s what I want

You can run a line trace to the ground and lock the axis of your static mesh relative to that.
If you could post screen shots of what it currently looks like I’m sure someone could give you a more detailed answer.

I’d also combine what winrarz said with Interp nodes - these will provide you with smooth curves. Unless you’re using proper physics for movement and rotation, that is.