Spaces are not parced as underscore in skeletal import

Hey InsaneXade,

I honestly have no idea how you got an asset to show up with a space. I’ve tried manually adding spaces to the uasset files and thy just disappear.

Can you provide example files and repro steps for this?

All I know is my Blender exported fix file had spaces in the , just like it shows in the post thread. (Blender is savvy like that and loves spaces and pleasing a good user) It caused me to waste a day because I couldn’t figure out what went wrong until someone noticed it.I don’t know how it slipped in but that’s what happened.

I can’t get the engine to reproduce this though. Can you send an fbx? You can PM me a download link on Discord or on the forums.

i don’t know if I kept it, I’ll have to check, or reproduce it I’ll get it to you soon

Ok, just let me know.

sent a while ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey InsaneXade,

Are you doing something that isn’t just a default import with these fbx files? Whenever I import them, it replaces the spaces with an underscore.

Did you try to import the animation and attach it to the character’s rig? that’s when it decides to bug out for me.My steps are
1 imort the character
2 try to import the animation and chose the character you just imported.
All but one space is parced, preventing the second file import. At first glance it looks okay but if you look close there is a space between Alex_1 and Alex_Skeleton as seen in the image in the first post above.

By sheer accident I found a bug in the darndest place. I am a die hard Blender user. It’s free, and best of all it has Manul Bastoni Labs, which I am using for my characters, depite all the grief. Anyhow, Somehow or another between importing things in a space snuck in the armature. It made it all the way through to the import of animations and caused me tons of grief when it came time to import animationa. See Cannot select new skeleton for blender made dress - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums for full details, including snapshots.

I was told to post it so I am. Have a lovely day