SpaceBox: Feedback on shoddy integration

The “spacebox” content packs are poorly teched. I’m wondering if it’s possible to give some feedback on them. (I couldn’t find a pre-existing thread for this.)

The textures are fine, and allegedly hand-painted, but actually using them in the engine doesn’t work well, because:

  1. It uses a box that assigns six separate materials to six separate sides, instead of one material instanced with six separate textures. This makes it hard to edit the material overall, as changes aren’t propagated.
  2. Each skybox has its own blueprint. This makes it hard to edit the blueprint overall, as changes aren’t propagated.
  3. The boxes are just boxes, placed in the scene, and scaled to be “large.” If you move the camera a fair bit (such as when making a space simulation game,) the box actually moves in parallax as well. It is possible to move outside the box. The box should move with whatever the camera is (although stay oriented in the world.) The Unreal default skybox does this by using the CameraVector in the material.
  4. The textures aren’t set to generate MIP maps, which means they will render much slower than necessary on most resolutions.

I’m not sure this is the pack you’re talking about, but you can leave a comment and rating here (or if this is not the one just look for the pack you bought) for everyone to see: