SpaceArena - Enjoy!

Hi all!

More than 10 days passed, after my request, to add our content, Space Battle Arena(free) project, on UE Marketplace…

Unfortunately, for various reasons, now EpicGames can not add our content to Marketplace… :frowning:

So we decided it would be more correct to just give it to users via a direct link :slight_smile:

And, you used this scene for you Space Shooter, adventure, survival, or as you wish!
Enjoy,** it’s absolutely FREE!**
3D Models, fx, music, sfx…all what you need.

Created, created, created, your best UE games!

And Friends, i want to emphasize, all our content, created exclusively for users of the engine Unreal Engine 4.
We do not produce content for another of any store!

We love this Engine, we love this community!

mmm, also we have added some new items, flying drone and new another module, polish, many materials, Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Thanks all, and best regards!

  • DnMan Team.

a new small detail



Brrrr, what is Space Battle Arena?
See this!

Hi Dneproman,

I think 10 days is not enough, they need more time , maybe soon , they will be more faster.
Thank you very much for this free project, I see some materials that looks very good.

Thank you for sharing it.

Thank you :wink:

A big and tall “thank you” and a hug to the whole team who spent time doing this ! ^^

Thank you Dneproman :slight_smile:
I think it will come handy to learn what is used to make lightening, unfortunatelly it don’t work with 4.4.3 (it shows a message about the map beeing done in a newer UE4 version).

thanks to all! Use, learning, study, do whatever you want!:o

Of course 10 days is not such a long time, but I just wanted to say that this scene is not in principle was supposed to added in UE Marketplace…

next from our team…

  • audio samples packs “Cosmogonical Adventure”

Best Regards!

Woooooooooooooooooooooow i never seen a map like this!!!

Hi all!
Guys, sorry!:confused: Accidentally overwrite a link access, here is a new link, 100% working!:o

Thank you all! Next it will be even more interesting…

Best Regards!

  • DnMan Team

This is INCREDIBLE!!! You are the man! Thank you.

Thank you!:o

Please, create your best indie projects on UE4!
We hope, that our content, is at least a little bit will help you in this case…

All absolutely FREE, but only for UE users!

We are happy to share it with you!

Our team allocates one hour of time in our working day to making a FREE content, which could be used absolutely all users UE4, for your best indie projects!

Best Regards!

DnMan Team

I guess this is only for v4.5 users?

Link Crash Please add to New link Thank you @Dneproman