Space vehicle physics frame rate issue

I am trying to make a starfighter game and am running into a massive issue with frame rate when I put multiple vehicles in the scene. if I move my spaceship the frame rate drops from 120 to 60. If I stop moving the frame rate returns. I have reproduced this with simple examples to ensure it wasn’t my vehicle code. Each additional moving vehicle I add to the scene further destroys the frame rate. Any ideas why this happens? This is a major show stopper as frame rate will die horribly with any degree of moving spaceships in scene. I have tried this in both 5.0 and 4.27 and the issue is present to some degree in both. In 4.27 it only shows when more are added, but immediately if even 1 is present in 5.0.

Could be the model. Wild guess. How many polys?

They always say, if you want to know what’s tanking the frame rate, just look around. When it drops, you’re looking at the problem.

Another thought. It is composed of a lot of attached actors? That’ll also do it.

no attached actors and if I don’t move them I can get 120 with about a dozen on screen. The model is about 50-60k polys at most.

And you can move a ‘cube’ with the same code, no problems?

Is the movement code complex? Can you show it? Can you also show a shot of the ship in the scene? ( Just trying to get some ideas ).

Movement code is simple ontick call add force. Replacing each part with cubes does improve the frame rate considerably frame rate loss is only down to 80 which is better. But why is the question, what is the issue with the mesh that is causing the issue its not that big a mesh really.

Very hard to guess. I’m now wondering about collision, is it all set to simple?

Although you should get no frame rate drop driving cubes around the level.

will check if simple collision is the issue I did switch to a slightly more complex collision.

Another wild guess, unset ’ Can Ever Affect Navigation’ on the mesh.

no was collision complexity it seems. Will have to see if that can be LOD’d or switched at runtime. Thank You was not an obvious problem for sure.

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