Space sim experiment

been messing around making a KSP style game, not seriously more of something to mess around with, but **** i love this engine,
Have a spherical Inverse square law based gravity model working, will sustain orbits just fine and with using origin shifting ive managed to get 1,000km away from the planet before jitters started arising(before it would kill its self at around 18km).
Pics to show, all input welcome

Thanks for your interest, since the OP ive got calculations for orbital elements in place and working (mostly correctly) and that planet in the OP was only 10km radius, got a 600km radius one now.

There dosnt seem to be a limit for distances when using origin rebasing, ive been out to 10million meters and its still fine… well… apart from the rendering engine, it stops rendering things that are more than 7ish million away, thinking of perhaps some system that will scale the visible planets down gradually and move them towards you.
Or perhaps if there is a way of rendering a 1/1000 scaled version of the system with a camera in a separate level and using its view to replace the view of the main player, kind of like photoshop where you would have “rendering layers” in a sense.

alternatively also messing around with the engine source code attempting to change the vector system into doubles(so many errors though!)

you got a thread on your project? would love to have a look.