Space Shooter Template inspired by the Starfox games

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share an early preview of my upcoming On-Rails Space Shooter template to gauge interest and get some feedback.

This will be my first Marketplace submissions so please let me know what I can do to make this the best template possible :slight_smile:

Preview Video:

The template is being built with usability and efficiency in mind. My goal is to provide you with everything you need to quickly, and easily build your on-rails space shooter.

List of features planned for initial release:

Modes of Play:

  • On-Rails mode - Player follows predefined “tracks” along the scene with the ability to switch tracks easily
  • Free-Range Mode - 6 DOF free mode. Go anywhere, or limit the player to a specified area with easy-to-use bounds.


  • Boost and Break - Player can boost or break in both modes to avoid obstacles
  • Roll (and hold) - to the left or right to pass through tight spaces
  • Barrel Roll - with a double tab of the button in either direction. (Yes I know its actually called Aileron roll, but Barrel Roll sounds better lol)
  • Sommersault - Do a full 360 degree turn to lose chasing enemies
  • "U-Turn" - to quickly go in the opposite direction
  • Primary Weapon: Shoot a laser on each button press or charge your shot for a powerful homing attack
  • Secondary Weapon [Planned]: Pick up secondary weapons
  • Regenerating Shield (optional)


  • Shield energy
  • Health
  • Secondary weapon
  • Points


  • Basic laser
  • Basic fireball
  • Homing Charge Shot
  • 5 types of damage implemented: Crash, Light, Heavy, Shield Break, Instant Death


  • **Destructible debris **- configure mesh, number of hits to destroy, impulse per shot, rotation, and movement
  • Simple Obstacle - configure mesh, movement, and rotation quickly
  • Simple Door - opens on proximity


  • Stationary Turret - Easily configure the HP, range, fire rate, and type of projectile they can shoot (normal or homing)
  • Flying Enemy [WIP] - Many Idle and Combat behaviors planned to allow for easy AI customization on each mode
  • Ground Enemies [Planned] - Planning to make a simple tank enemy that moves around the ground and shoots at the player
  • Stationary / Mobile bosses [Planned] - Two example bosses - one in Track Mode and one in Free Mode.


  • Easy to use Message BP that allows you to show instructions to the player (seen in the video as a training message)
  • Easy to use Local widget BP that can be used to show something to the Player in the world
  • “Level Phase” widget to keep progress

Game-related Features:

  • Main Menu [Planned]
  • Checkpoint and auto save system [Planned]
  • Spawn-Manager [Planned]

Other goodies:

  • Basic low poly meshes (debris, obstacles, buildings) to get you started
  • Basic materials
  • Basic particles
  • Sample textures

This is very much a WIP so things can change before release and Im constantly adding things as I get new ideas. What do you guys think? Is this something you would be willing to buy from the Marketplace?

Thanks for the feedback!

This looks cool. I think if you put it on the marketplace, using the term “on rails” might hurt your sales a bit as people might assume it’s much more on rails than your demo suggests it is (it’s a good thing that it’s not IMO XD). Other than that, the biggest thing I noticed is that the ship seems to change acceleration a little too suddenly… Like when you turn to the left there should be a little drag on the change in acceleration direction, if that makes sense?

Overall though, really nice setup man! You definitely should consider putting it on the marketplace. Even ignoring my two little criticisms, I think it’s a solid product! Nice work.

On-Rails? Mobile 3D Space Shooter might be better description etc.

Its basically a low-poly version of Jacky Viper’s project which is free.
So it needs something more to be a compelling buy in my view, sorry.
That’s not to discourage more to push you, so its not AssetStore-ish.

The marketplace needs more packs, especially space-themed assets!

Hi @apoisonedgift,

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I honestly didn’t realize the term “on rails” had such a bad connotation! I’ll change the name to something more representative. As far as the controls, I’ll make it a bit smoother to control - still tweaking the sensitivity :slight_smile:

Hi @franktech,

Thanks for the honest feedback man! I haven’t seen Jacky’s project but will definitely check it out. I want to make sure I offer something not currently available to the community.

I’m still a long ways from being done with the core features, so I’ll use this thread to post major updates for those interested.

Thanks everyone!

Hi. I am currently enjoying using your free Action Platformer Template. I have been learning UE4 for some time now and the Action Platformer and this Space Shooter are a great way to free up the creativity of implementing ideas from the laborious process of trying to get things to work ( for me ). They seem a useful bridge from the UE4 project template to getting something up and working whilst having the learning resource of seeing how you did it, and then customising and adapting. Thanks. Look forward to seeing this on the marketplace.

Hi Sean,

Thank you so much for your interest in the project! Good to hear you found my Action Platformer template useful :).

I created a separate thread under the Work-In-Progress section to give regular updates as I work on the Space Shooter Template. Feel free to follow along here -

Thanks again for your support!

It is a short time that I am learning UE4. I\ve bought your great “Arcade Space Shooter Template” pack and training.
First I want to congratulate you for that, and secondly I’ve some questions to ask.

  1. What are ASSt and WIP videos each for ?
  2. In video ASST part 1, changing … Bp… to hide track has no effect. “Hide Mesh” must be changed inside viewport.
  3. Setting “Idle Behavior” ----> “Stay in place” and “Engage Behavior” -----> “Shoot in Place”, makes flying enemy to shoot several seconds after destroying. (“Destroy Mesh” is checked too)

Thanks and best regards

Hey there,

I replied to you via email with the specifics :slight_smile: