Space Shooter Enemy Formations


For my space shooter project, I’m soon going to be implementing enemy formations and group movement patterns. Crisscrosses, columns, pinwheels, and more. I wanted to get some general advice on how I might do this.

My enemies are currently actors that are spawned individually. If I want them to move in formation as enemies often do in space shooters, should I create blueprints that have several of the individual enemy actors as components?

Or maybe I should use blackboard to make the individually spawned enemy actors follow each others’ movement?

Any advice or resources on this topic would be appreciated.


Pretty opened ended question but I can help get you started maybe:.

The ‘UE4 Forums’ are dying because only a few devs post anymore.
Try to give back when you can and share your progress and tips too.

Thanks for the resources.

I’ll try to give back. :slight_smile:

when i was trying to make an arcade shooter that i stopped (because reasons) i played with the spawning location and custom rules for formation of single spawned enemies units but after a point every wave became complicated to script