Space shooter Blueprint - entire game

Hey all,

I noticed a little while ago that there’s a lack of any tutorial series going from an empty project to a complete game template and coming from a Unity background there were a lot of those. I personally learn well from these as I find the concepts make more sense that way rather than just watching someone show how to rotate a flower for five minutes with no context, random example I know probably doesn’t exist but you get my point :p.

So I made a tutorial series. Hopefully it will help people.

Check it out here: - YouTube

Also because I never considered actually sharing it around before, it’s now completely finished… So you can binge watch to your liking. :smiley:

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Hello again. I hope people are finding these of use. I did say I would upload the entire project so I have packaged it and included it here:

Bravo! I am very pleased to see something like this. I haven’t watched through your videos yet, but definitely appreciate the effort you have put behind these. Keep up the good work, and I’m sure there will be many that will benefit from your efforts.

Thanks, the format of them seems to have been really well received so far so hopefully the can inspire others to something similar, I definitely saw the most value in them when I started learning.

That’s an interesting one, I’ve already started a second series covering paper2D as there seemed to be a void of content for it. But I certainly needed an idea for the third series, time to download some space assets :smiley:

that’s really nice work thank you

Glad you like it. Thanks.

Hey , thanks a lot for your tutorial, it’s very useful!:smiley: But I’ve one issue with the game controls, in fact when I press one of the WASD keys the space ship doesn’t move and I don’t know why (I’ve followed step by step your tutorial and I’ve checked your final project). Here there is my movement blueprint (I’ve added two InputAxis blueprint, but it doesn’t work too).

My UE version is 4.13.1, is it possible that this version could cause some issues with the movement code written in this way?

pretty good. needs more rotating flowers.

When I use the link in the first post youtube says the video is unavailable.

For anybody who cannot find the YouTube videos for this tutorial - this seems to be the updated URL: Unreal Engine 4 SHMUP / Space Shooter - #01 Project Setup - YouTube