Space ship propulsion system

Alright so I know there are thousands of ways to do this, but I would love to hear about your ideas on setting it up! If you have any ideas for this, let me know!

need more information to what the purpose is (gametype/map)

Alright, think of a general third person spaceship game. If you were going to make one, how would set it up?

If your plan is to make this all single player, probably easiest to start by making your ship a Pawn with physics enabled, and add physics impulses to your ship for propulsion.

If this is for multi-player, simulating physics is going to be pretty hard without either getting your clients and the server thinking the ship is in different locations after a few collisions … or having to reconcile client positions from the server which will make the ship act all jerky instead of flying around smoothly. Best solution there is to make your ship a Character instead, with physics set to Flying, and drive it around using the movement component for propulsion.

Each method has its pros and cons … no harm in making two different ships and seeing which you find easiest to deal with, esp if you’re fairly new to UE4.