Space Scene

Hello everybody !

I’m very happy to share my first video created with Unreal Engine 4. I use After effect a little bit for the astronaut hemlet.

The video was inpired by the movie gravity :smiley:

Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think !

Thanks !

Very nice!
I really like the HUD inside the helmet, very well done :slight_smile:

Thanks Cultrarius !

Looks really cool! Are you making this into a game? or is this something that is more of a “improve my skills” kinda thing? Also are you interested in doing game trailers? if so, i think we should talk :smiley:

Hi Warka,

Thanks for your commentary ! I didn’t make this video for a video game it was just to improve my skills. I have a video game project but we just started it and it has nothing to do with space and asteroid ! :smiley:
I could be interested in doing game trailers OF COURSE ! I will be very honest with you, I don’t work in video game at all, my real job is video editor and graphist. I’m beginning with UE4. Of course I already had good basis with me job ! So I don’t know if I’m able to do a video game trailer ! But maybe we sould talk about that in private :slight_smile:
Here my mail if you want to contact me again :


Hi everyone !

After [Ep 01] of the Space Kinematic I decided to do a second episode more immersive.
I tried to focus my work on the hemlet effects and on the texture on UE4 !

I hope you will enjoy it !

Don’t hesitate to comment !

Short but cool, gg :wink:

Thanks !!!