Space RP. Proof of Concept. Need Help!

Hello guys, I am building a custom map for Space Roleplay server. This is what I gotten so far.

As you can see, I am running into some problems with the world bound. The first try in the video, I run into some camera issue where everything except the ship turns black. The second time it played fine.
If you can help me with this issue that would be great!

Future Plans -

Adding a bunch of planets to explore and custom resources to gather on each planet.
Different spaceships that we all know and love. Currently using Star Trek ship as a proof of concept.
Ships with laser with mouse click 1 and 2.
NPC ships

More to come…

I need someone with experience in Blueprint system to help me out with stuff I currently don’t know how to do.
Please let me know if you are interested with the project!!

Add me on Steam

That is really awesome stuff! Im a bit busy at the moment with my own mod for the contest or i would totally help you out on the blueprint side.