Space HDR Backgrounds (Skyboxes)

Space HDR Backgrounds

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This pack includes 10 HDR space environment textures, which can be used as backgrounds on a skysphere.

Combined with a skylight you can control lighting and reflections in your scene.

10 material instances are already set up for you. You can easily modify brightness, contrast, rotation and color tint.

Create unique scenes and lighting with this pack! Great for sci-fi games or night environments.

Includes a showcase demo level.

Further information and explanation for usage:…DdTfiMFv-ZjgNQ

Technical Details


  • 10 HDR space environment textures
  • Modify brightness, contrast, rotation and color tint
  • For desktop, mobile and VR

Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances: 1 Material, 10 Material Instances
Number of Textures: 10
Texture Resolutions: 8192x4096
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes
Important/Additional Notes:
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